When the Lights Went Out.

It was at 5.55pm on Friday, 26th November that the lights went out.  The lamps had been flickering for a while before that. Stanley the Manly, my rescue lurcher, had been restless, as if he could feel the crackle in the air. I was oddly sanguine. I thought perhaps a few branches were flying throughContinue reading “When the Lights Went Out.”

The Last Goodbye

Usually, when I sit down to write, the words come flying out. They are busy, and jostling, impatient to get to their destination. It’s rare that I am lost for words. Now, I am a little lost. But I have to write this down because it needs words. I want the words to remember it,Continue reading “The Last Goodbye”

Josef Kwiecinski

12th August, 2021. On Twitter, a person writes: Lost his life today, 12th August, 1940. Sgt Josef Kwiecinski. Polish. One of The Few. He failed to return from a combat south of the Isle of Wight in his Hurricane and was reported ‘Missing’. He was never found. Age 23. No photo. No grave. I stop.Continue reading “Josef Kwiecinski”


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