What Do You Do? The First in an Occasional Series.

What do you do with the old and bad and redundant photographs that you can’t bear to delete? 

This one is of the red mare’s ears. It is completely out of focus, so I tried to edit it in order to give it some focus. The sharpening effect just makes it look as if tiny aliens are living in her mane. 

You can’t even see her face, or Scotland, or anything. It could please only me. Yet I have an urge to share it all over social media because there is something about it I love. I can’t even tell you what that is. It’s just unreasoning, absurd love.

Some of the more observant of you might think that I already shared this photograph. I hate to tell you that is not true. That was another out-of-focus photograph of the red mare’s ears. There are, in fact, three. I can’t chuck any of them. I haven’t inflicted the third one on the world yet, but I’ll think of a way. I’ll probably put an inspiring quote from Maya Angelou over it and see if I can justify the thing that way. Because if a photograph has got a quote on it, that changes the whole ball game.

I’m starting to think this might be some sort of syndrome and that someone should have a name for it. And, actually, I would quite like to know what to do.

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