5th January, 2021. Birdsong.

It is just before eight in the morning and two little birds are singing outside my window. One has a high, light, staccato beat, a kind of tik-tik-tik. One is singing lower and longer, a bass note by comparison. They sing in harmonious unison for a while; sometimes together, sometimes as a call and response. Continue reading “5th January, 2021. Birdsong.”

Lockdown Diary: Day One Hundred and Eighty-Six.

I woke up this morning and the Scottish sky was translucent outside my window and the sun was pale and delicate and my lurchers were gazing at me as if I were Dorothy Parker and Jane Austen and Maya Angelou all rolled into one. (Actually, now I come to think of it, perhaps they wereContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day One Hundred and Eighty-Six.”