17th February, 2021. Sunshine and Horses and Kindness.

There is sunshine and wind and the snow is melting. I go down to the horses and meet my posse. These two sisters and their mum are my bubble; they are the one household I am allowed to see. We meet outside every day and social distance like crazy things, but they are human andContinue reading “17th February, 2021. Sunshine and Horses and Kindness.”

16th February, 2021. Showing Up.

When I started the original lockdown diary, almost a year ago, I was going to write everything. I was going to write the world. I was going to write all the incredible humans and all the shocking events and all the doubts and hopes and fears. I would write it all.  Then, when I startedContinue reading “16th February, 2021. Showing Up.”

5th February, 2021. Sing Your Song.

A poet sends me a poem. It has a line in it which goes, ‘This is a song of sorrow’. That is her song and she is singing it. It is a song for a country which is lost, for somewhere far away, for memories and dreams, for long-dead family, for childhood tales, for somethingContinue reading “5th February, 2021. Sing Your Song.”

6th January, 2021. Words and Flight.

The sun is shining and the world is blue and gold and white. It has gone silent again, as everybody is indoors, confined to barracks. The normal mutter and chug of the diggers and tractors and vans is missing; the occasional shouts and whoops and hoots of laughter that filter through my window are gone. Continue reading “6th January, 2021. Words and Flight.”

5th January, 2021. Birdsong.

It is just before eight in the morning and two little birds are singing outside my window. One has a high, light, staccato beat, a kind of tik-tik-tik. One is singing lower and longer, a bass note by comparison. They sing in harmonious unison for a while; sometimes together, sometimes as a call and response. Continue reading “5th January, 2021. Birdsong.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Six. Christmas Eve.

Today started off with the most ridiculous levels of loveliness. Snow had come in the night and the sun was shining and I had a special Christmas Eve FaceTime with my dear friends in Wales and New Zealand. One of them was riding through the valleys on her horse (technology really is a miracle) andContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Six. Christmas Eve.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Five.

I have absolutely no idea what is going on in the news. I have not opened my computer today; I have not looked at Twitter or Facebook. Britain could have been invaded by Martians and I would not know. I did my last tutoring session before the Christmas holiday. This is a young girl IContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Five.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Four.

I spent the weekend in tears. It was not because of Christmas being cancelled and poor old Blighty being cut off from mainland Europe and all the lorries in Kent. That had not started when the weeping began. It was because of a horse, some dancing humans, a very old captain and a very youngContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Four.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine.

The sun comes out and shines down on Scotland as if it has never been away. My two morning clients cancel, so instead of staring into the Zoom I go down to the field. All the mares are in a trance of profound pleasure as they feel the warmth on their backs for the firstContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven.

There’s a strange tension in the air as people don’t know whether to be more unsettled by the pandemic or by Brexit. Brexit got pushed to the back of the room for a while, because the coronavirus was a global threat and leaving Europe felt rather parochial by comparison. We would muddle through, because weContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Sixty-Seven.”