6th January, 2021. Words and Flight.

The sun is shining and the world is blue and gold and white. It has gone silent again, as everybody is indoors, confined to barracks. The normal mutter and chug of the diggers and tractors and vans is missing; the occasional shouts and whoops and hoots of laughter that filter through my window are gone. Continue reading “6th January, 2021. Words and Flight.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seven.

I am in the field, talking to the horses, when I suddenly see it is half-past twelve. I have lost track of time. I have a client at half-past twelve. I am supposed to be a professional. I am supposed to be at my desk, with my special lighting arrangements that make me look tremendouslyContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seven.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Six.

I’m giving my clients writing exercises this week. One of them says, ‘When do you do your daily writing?’ I stop. I stutter slightly, because it’s such an odd question to my ears. ‘In the morning,’ I say. ‘Often first thing. And then after a cup of coffee and something to eat I settle downContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Six.”

Writing Post: Clarity, clarity and yet more clarity.

I have an unbreakable writing rule. It is: if I have to read one of my sentences twice, then I have failed.  Every sentence should shimmer with clarity. Your thoughts should be clear and your words should be clear. You should know where you are going and what you want to express. If you areContinue reading “Writing Post: Clarity, clarity and yet more clarity.”

Writing Post: Ideas.

I’m often asked ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ A couple of years ago, I sat down and wrote a post called Ideas Are Everywhere. I thought you might like it, so I’m reproducing it here, especially for you. I think there is a tendency in novice writers to suspect that literary ideas mustContinue reading “Writing Post: Ideas.”

Writing Post: Sentences

Sentences for Beginners. I am slightly obsessed with sentences. I write about them all the time. I see so many writers embarking on great projects when they haven’t quite got the hang of a good, clean, honest sentence. I see dangling modifiers and tangles of sub-clauses and an utter disregard for clarity. (Astonishingly, I seeContinue reading “Writing Post: Sentences”