Lockdown Diary: Day Six.

In the world, blithe and brilliant Sicilian twins are playing a Coldplay song on their violins. They are so funny and happy and talented and comical that I think their video should be sent to every household as a cheering up exercise. Somewhere else in the world, the musicians of the Rotterdam Philharmonic are playingContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Six.”

What Do You Do? The First in an Occasional Series.

What do you do with the old and bad and redundant photographs that you can’t bear to delete?  This one is of the red mare’s ears. It is completely out of focus, so I tried to edit it in order to give it some focus. The sharpening effect just makes it look as if tinyContinue reading “What Do You Do? The First in an Occasional Series.”

Writing Post: Authenticity is Your Superpower.

Authenticity is one of your greatest writing powers. You have to be brave enough to be yourself. This is not a fancy dress party. We are not all going to dress up as Truman Capote. (Although obviously you can do that, if that is what floats your boat.)  This is harder than it sounds, butContinue reading “Writing Post: Authenticity is Your Superpower.”

Writing Post: The Power of Habit

I have written this before, and I’ll write it again: the biggest thing that will stop you writing is fear. The very first post I wrote for my online writing group was called The Fear. That’s how important it is. How you deal with it will make or break your writing life.  The good newsContinue reading “Writing Post: The Power of Habit”

Lockdown Diary: Day One.

Such a curious day. Even though I knew I would not see a living soul, I still put on my lipstick and the second-best hat. Something about morale and not letting everything go. The routine with the horses was completely different. First of all, my dear posse of young horsewomen were not there, so thereContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day One.”