10th July, 2021. Some Thoughts on Cows, Paperbacks, and How Things Work.

I see a wonderful newspaper cutting about a farmer and the weather and marrowfat peas, and this leads to a conversation with a stranger about the seriousness of food production and how tough farming is. (I think the farmers never get enough credit. They are too often caricatured as big, bloated agribosses, tearing out theContinue reading “10th July, 2021. Some Thoughts on Cows, Paperbacks, and How Things Work.”

28th April, 2021. All the Emotions.

One of the things I have been working on over the last two or three years is understanding and managing and exploring emotions. I started off having to do this in order to be an acceptable human for my red mare. It was a fairly basic equation: if you don’t get your own head straight,Continue reading “28th April, 2021. All the Emotions.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Six. Christmas Eve.

Today started off with the most ridiculous levels of loveliness. Snow had come in the night and the sun was shining and I had a special Christmas Eve FaceTime with my dear friends in Wales and New Zealand. One of them was riding through the valleys on her horse (technology really is a miracle) andContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Six. Christmas Eve.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Twenty-Five.

It is 6.33pm and I am so tired that I don’t know what my name is and I have forgotten the rudiments of written English. So this is not exactly going to be Scott Fitzgerald putting on the Ritz.  But, true to my new One Thing theory, I had one thing of such ravishingly lovelinessContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Twenty-Five.”

Lockdown Diary: Day Twenty-Four.

I’ve suddenly realised a slightly weird thing. Every day, before I sit down to write this, I check on Twitter first. I look at what is trending, in case some terrible disaster has happened or some unfathomable tragedy has struck. I am conscious of the jarring note. I don’t want to be writing about someContinue reading “Lockdown Diary: Day Twenty-Four.”